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We design and manufacture corrugated boxes, trays, and enclosures for a variety of industries. Our 17,000 sq. ft. corrugated workshop produces many different containers, from simple RSC boxes to complex enclosures with customer logos and other printing, plus many other specialty boxes. Corrugated packaging is a cornerstone at Creative Packaging so we maintain a large inventory of stock sheet grades, from 200 lb. single wall thru to 1100 lb. triple wall.

We also specialize in many of the military-grade/weatherized grade materials (W5C, V3C, V11C, Triple Wall) to choose from should your engineering specifications require that.

In addition to corrugated, we also stock several grades and thickness, of plastic corrugated (Coroplast) for those special needs. 

Other production capabilities include die-cut folded cartons, telescoping style boxes, and various types of partitions.


We design and manufacture a variety of standard wood crates, custom wood crates, and wood pallets. Our 14,000 sq. ft. woodshop has the capacity of producing small, medium, or large fully-enclosed shipping crates with custom foam or any number of items required to protect your products. There is no limit to what our woodshop can do, large or small. All of our wood products are kiln-dried and meet all domestic and international standards (ISPM 15).

  • Wood crates

  • Custom crates with ramps, removable doors, sides, or tops

  • Floater base pallets and crates

  • Combination crates with wood and corrugated


We can produce many types of foam products, from simple sheet pads to complex die-cut assemblies using polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyethylene crosslink foam products. Also, for special electronic sensitive equipment situations, conductive and anti-static materials are available


Creative Packaging is sensitive to the environment and is doing our part, therefore, all materials (corrugated, wood, foam, and inks) we use are recyclable to help protect our planet.

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